Ted Harrison - Artist, Writer and Cartoonist
Ted Harrison - Artist, Writer and Cartoonist


I have been drawing cartoons and caricatures since my school days and my early efforts were unflattering drawings of teachers and prefects. As a student I spent a great deal of time drawings cartoons when I should have been writing essays. I drew for the student newspaper at the University of Kent and a series of caricatures of local worthies for the local paper - that is until I was sacked for drawing an over- candid caricature of a local councillor, who happened to be a good friend of the editor! I was tutored and mentored by two Fleet Street cartoonists, the legendary Leslie Illingworth of Punch and the Daily Mail and, to redress the political balance, Frank Brown (Eccles) of the Morning Star.

Over the last 40 plus years my work has appeared in a wide range of publications and I have had the chance to draw many well-known personalities from life. Newspapers where my work has appeared include The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The People and The Sunday Express. I have drawn for a number of BBC television programmes and, through the Unst Animation Studio, for Channel Five.
Most recently I have illustrated 'The Smart Guide to Single Scotch Malt Whiskies' and Richard Cole's two bestsellers, 'Lives of the Improbable Saints' and 'Legends of the Improbable Saints'.

I am a member of The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain


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